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白鹿 Legend of the White Deer“Hakushika白鹿 Legend of the White Deer“Hakushika

Our core brand, "Hakushika," which literally means "white deer," is the subject of an old Chinese legend. According to this legend, the Tang Emperor Hsuan-Tsung who ruled from 712-756 and is known as the longest reigning emperor during the culture rich Tang Dynasty, found a white deer one day wandering in his palace gardens. Seeing that this rare and beautiful animal was adorned with a bronze medal indicating that the animal was 1000 years old, the Emperor recognized this as an auspicious sign symbolizing a long and prosperous life.

The Japanese, who have traditionally adopted the Chinese images and legends of the deer also regard the white deer as a sign of longevity. As such, we chose Hakushika as our brand to represent both our long history as well as the future ahead of us.

Legend of the White Deer“Hakushika”Legend of the White Deer“Hakushika”Legend of the White Deer“HakushikaLegend of the White Deer“Hakushika